Suede Herbalist Money Bag Drawstring Purse

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Suede Herbalist Money Bag Drawstring Purse

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The purse in the Middle Ages came in many shapes and sizes and was a common accessory for both men and women. Purses in Medieval Europe served a number of purposes: carrying personal effects, storing religious relics (as a form of reliquary), and storing seals used in stamping documents. The drawstring pouch you see here is constructed from soft suede that has been hand sewn. This simple yet lovely piece comes with an extra-long lace so that you can tie this money pouch to your belt under a coat or cape. This way mangy pick pockets won’t grab your valuables when your back is turned. Accessories were very important during this time period so don’t be caught without them. Complete any period costume with this adorable pouch.


Style: Drawstring with Leather Lace
Color: Black


Overall Length: 8.38 Inches
Overall Width: 5 Inches
Material: Suede