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Ragnar Lodbrok (or Ragna Lothbrok) was historically famous as a legendary man who started life as a lowly farmer who participated in periodic raids upon other lands, as Viking..

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Norse Seafarer Viking Battle Axe Carbon Steel

Axes were the one tool that every Viking had at their disposal because they used them so much in their everyday life. As farmers this was probably the most used weapon of the ..

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Up in Smoke Fire Fighter Tactical Emergency Knife

This knife features a unique handle style with a black finish and a black 440 stainless steel blade. The drop point style blade provides more control and adds strength to the ..

$30.99 Ex Tax: $30.99

Urban Cricket Free Lock Utility Tool

The Urban Cricket Free Lock Utility Tool is small compact and easy to carry right in your pocket. You can attach a carabineer and put it right on your keys. This multi-tool ha..

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Urban Pioneer Hunt For Life™ Spring Assist Knife

The first thing you notice about this knife is the stunning finish. Both the blade and the handle have a heat treated rainbow finish which is referred to as titanium. The blad..

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Urban Tiger Camo Full Tang Outdoor Knife

The electroplated urban tiger camo trail point blade is Stainless Steel and features a very sharp edge. The electroplating is to protect and prolong the life of the blade. The..

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Valiant Guardian Spring Assist Knife

The Valiant Guardian Spring Assist Knife is smooth opening with its spring assist mechanism and locks up solid with a liner locking system. Just assist the blade with the thum..

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Veiled Shadows Practice Butterfly Trainer

With a completely blunt edge making it ideal for butterfly training and featuring very thick and heavy construction, this butterfly knife will help you learn to flip like a pr..

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Vindicator Skinner Mini Hunter Knife - Black

Whether you're leisurely camping, surviving in the elements, or full-on backcountry hunting, our Vindicator Combat knives are versatile, dependable and even as rugged as you a..

$27.99 Ex Tax: $27.99

Violent Turmoil Drop Point Full Tang Hunting Knife

The Violent Turmoil Drop Point Full Tang Hunting Knife features a drop point style blade which has a large belly for slicing and a controllable point making is a great hunting..

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Virulence Three-Piece Throwing Knives

Bearing a menacing demon glare design, these dynamic throwing knives are aerodynamically sound and almost literally tear through the air. With piercing dagger point tips, each..

$29.50 Ex Tax: $29.50

Viscous Cycle 3 Piece Throwing Knives

Bearing a grinning demonic skull design in one of three different colors (yellow, green and red) with distinctive chain link details and a deaths head emblem, these dynamic th..

$28.75 Ex Tax: $28.75