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300 King Leonidas Helmet

We proudly introduce the helmet of King Leonidas from Frank Millers 300, the graphic novel. Developed by working closely from the source material, and in direct consultation w..

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300 Spartan Helmet Movie Cosplay

Made from the finest authentic materials this incredible helmet is made of steel, plated in antiqued brass and is fully lined in leather with an adjustable liner. Includes dis..

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5th Century 20g Corinthian Hoplite Helmet

This Corinthian style of helmet would have been worn by Greek hoplites during battle in 500 BC. Besides offering protection, the main feature of these helmets was the impressi..

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Battle Ready Viking Thor's Sword Oakeshott Type X Fully Functional Peened Norse

This Viking Thor's Sword has a Type X blade made of high carbon 1060 steel. The simple guard and pommel are distinctly Viking in style and both are both made of carbon steel f..

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BLACK PANTHER WAKANDA Vibranium AXE MOVIE REPLICAThis axe is very unique style use in movie black panther.Vibranium is a fictional metal appearing in American comic books publ..

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Crusader 16G Pot Helmet with Templar Face Guard

This 12th Century Crusader Pot helmet is constructed from 16 gauge mild steel that has been polished and riveted together. Long thin eyelets are provided to protect the Knight..

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Dark Legionnaire Greek Corinthian Helmet

Thick, 20 gauge steel Greek Corinthian helmet is not only cool but functional with a black powder coated finish. The 9 inch plume is made of all natural horse hair and stretch..

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Dark Vampire Arcana 20g Fantasy Helmet

Strike fear into those who would dare cross you. The moment you step out on the battlefield gaze out at the crowd. Mask your identity with the Dark Vampire Arcana 20g Fantasy ..

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Fantasy Knight Skull Helmet

Hand-forged from premium 18 gauge, low carbon mild carbon steel, this magnificent skull helmet will strike fear into your enemy's heart. Covering the entire face and offering ..

$87.50 Ex Tax: $87.50

Fully Functional Spangenhelm Steel Helmet

Our Fully Functional Spangenhelm Steel Helmet is one of the finer and exquisite of helmets on the market. Made of 16g steel with a lightweight construction, full face mask, an..

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Functional 16g Open Face Celeta Steel Helmet

The barbute or celeta was developed in Italy during the 15th century. These helmets were popular throughout Europe and offered an alternative to the more restrictive sallet. T..

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German Pickelhaube Military Helmet

Picklehaube is from old German, Pickle meaning point or pickaxe and Haube meaning bonnet a general term for headgear. This German style helmet was worn in the 19th and 20th ce..

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Great Helm Knights Templar Crusader Helmet

The Great Helm rose in popularity during the High Middle Ages. It offered vastly superior protect than previous helmets. These helmets were mostly used by knights and heavy in..

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Greek Spartan Crested Brass Helmet

Starting their military training from infancy, Spartans were one of the most feared military forces in world history. Spartan women are said to have sent their sons off to war..

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Ragnar Lodbrok (or Ragna Lothbrok) was historically famous as a legendary man who started life as a lowly farmer who participated in periodic raids upon other lands, as Viking..

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