A bladed weapon that was intended for slashing and thrusting, no longer than a knife or a dagger. Swords are defined in different manners depending on the history and geographical area. Swords have been single-handedly used as the weapon of offense and defense. Over the time as the use of swords has declined, people still look for swords, either as collectibles, where medieval and historical swords are more popular, and for practices, where the battle-ready and wooden swords are most popular. There are people who look for anime swords or samurai swords for their fetishes of cosplaying and LARPing. So, it can be safely stated that the use of swords has evolved from lethal to nonlethal because the desire for acquiring swords has long since been recognized!

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Walnut Wood Sword Stand

There are many sword stands that are able to hold swords but there are not many swords that can do i..

$75.99 Ex Tax: $75.99

William Wallace Claymore Sword

Named for the famed Scottish hero Sir William Wallace- "Braveheart", who battled the English for con..

$83.99 Ex Tax: $83.99

Wooden Bushido 8 Tier Sword Wall Display

Are you an avid collector of swords and have trouble finding a way to display them in all their glor..

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Wooden Dark Night Bokken with Sheath Combo

This set is amazing as you not only get a Dark Night Rises Bokken but you also get a great sheath to..

$63.99 Ex Tax: $63.99

Yuji Treasure Blutsauger Anime Broadsword

This Yuji Treasure Blutsauger Anime Broadsword is based off the treasure tool that Shana and Yuji us..

$99.99 Ex Tax: $99.99

Zelda Accurate Twilight Princess Link Foam Sword

We have replicated the metal version. We have replicated the wooden and now for the first time in hi..

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Zelda Accurate Twilight Princess Link Foam Sword FREE Sheath Combo

People say that money can't buy you happiness, well if so they definitely have never tried out one o..

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Zelda Dark Night Foam Training Sword

The Dark Night Zelda Foam Sword is the perfect match for kids or adults alike. Made for the standard..

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Zelda Dark Night Foam Training Sword FREE Sheath Combo

Our new combo deal gives you the added advantage of saving time and money. Saving money by getting a..

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Strait from Ocarina of Time comes this Master Sword carried by Link in the Legend of Zelda video gam..

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Zorro Retribution Rapier Sheath Combo

Zorro takes a lot of pleasure from humiliating his foes, those who seek to exploit the general publi..

$64.99 Ex Tax: $64.99

Zorro Sword of Retribution Sheath Combo

In his thirst for vengeance all Zorro needs is his blade. Don Diego de la Vega is the infamous black..

$66.99 Ex Tax: $66.99

Sword of Eowyn Lord of the Rings

This sword comes with a genuine leather sheath with belt loop. The sword has a full metal constructi..

$135.00 Ex Tax: $135.00