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Either you want to purchase a bulk of swords or in less quantity, the price always remains an important factor. Customer’s satisfaction and pleasure can be increased when he gets a good thing at a reasonable price. Usually, the customer finds it costly to buy one item from an ordinary place thus we recommend to go for the wholesale market because due to it, the efficiency of products can be improved.


Why Choose Knives Kingdom?


Meet with your expectations and find the largest source of swords at Kniveskingdom. We are serving to distribute top-quality whole sale swords at the wholesale rate. We also provide the facility to order online in the USA.


We are the greatest wholesale swords provider of all kinds. As swords are the source to develop the sentiments of strength and courage. If you love to hold a sword, check the variety of swords or replica at our website and enjoy the tremendous variety of swords at lowest rates with us.


Find Latest and Historical Asset with Us


People like unique and beautiful things. Although creativity is the sign of successful nations but historical products also have their own importance and place. We keep in mind the need of past heritage as well as the demand of technological age thus has created new and latest styles of swords and also the replica of other legends.


How to Deliver Order at the Knives Kingdom?


Have you a passion to collect best swords? Never go late and deliver your order to us. It’s very easy and time-saving. You have just to register yourself by inputting your personal information. The registration form is available at our site. After you submit the form you can also check the delivery information or can contact us at our given tool free number or send an email.


We strongly emphasize on customer services thus in case of any confusion, our customer can return the purchased product. For this purpose product return form is also available. Just fill all columns and submit it. Our team will response you soon.


Our Vision

  • To Provide Best Quality
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction
  • Provide at Cheapest Rates
  • Work with Expertise
  • Give Immediate Response

Our Mission

Knives kingdom works with the mission to spread unique and super swords in the USA. We strive well to become the most reputable and trustable wholesale swords dealer at international level.  We like to maintain long term relationships with our customer. They trust us and gladly recommend others towards us.


Our Services


Besides swords, we provide the best quality services in many other products also such as you can buy axes with free shipping from us. Furthermore, camping items and shields are also available. Bowie knives and simple knives with beautiful design are mostly required. Outdoor Gear, self-defense, historical periods and daggers are available at our website. For your ease, a brief description of the uses of various products is mentioned below.


  • AXES

The basic hand tool to cut and split wood is known as axe. It is used from ancient time and keeps by farmers and carpenters as it is an essential tool for them to cut wood. Axes are made up of bronze, steel, copper or iron. Usually, it has a wooden handle for grip and a head to shape the object. At us, you can buy the following axes:



A common kitchen product that is a compulsory requirement of every home is known as a Knife. To get good cutting results, a sharp blade is required in all knives. It is interesting to know that knives are not only used for kitchen purpose but use for multiple purposes thus they are designed in various shapes. Only if kitchen is concerned, it is noticed that there are variety of knives for cooking purpose such as bread knife, chef’s knife and French knife etc. Knives kingdom contains beautiful designs of knives that are used for various purposes. Some of names are mentioned below:



These are used for fighting purpose and contain a fixed blade. These also come in different shapes that look attracted and graceful. The collection of Bowie knives is enormous at knives kingdom:



Dagger is also a type of knife but it is symmetrical from sides and has very sharp point that is used as a stabbing weapon. It has one or two sharp edges. It is used by men from centuries and it is assumed that the concept of sword is picked from dagger. In other words it can be said that sword is the modified form of dragger. Some of names are mentioned below:



Shields are used for protection purpose, usually to stop the attack of warrior. Its use was common in ancient time but now mostly knights stop its use. Shield is like a big plate that is made up of steel. Its size varies from small to large. A big shield can provide protection to the whole body and some other shields also provide protection from bullets. The use of shield is also seen in sports that symbolize the logo or represent the durability. You can buy different and beautiful shields from us in suitable rates:

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