Replica Swords

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Swords and Its Types

Sword is an edged weapon that is longer than a knife. It consists of a long blade that can be curved or straight. There are different types of swords i.e. thrusting swords, slashing swords or saber etc. All swards are designed in a specific way that is varied in use showing specific features and importance.


According to, “the sword is symbolic of the penetrating power of the mind, and encourages the wielding of trained intellect to bring about the results we seek.”


Importance of Swords in Different Religion

Different religions symbolize the importance of the sword for various purposes. Christians deal it as a sign of protection and justice. In the Jewish religion, it may indicate their Lord/God. Chinese indicate the gender of birth by it, African Congo tribes symbolize it as a transition, and in Islam, swords symbolize for “Jihad” that is a holy war against those infidels who create difficulties for their survival. In short, Swords represent the courage and piece and it is used against inhumanity and repression.


Replica Swords


Swords are being in use from ancient times and can be seen in a museum or in pictures while reading a historical story. Some feature movies also use swords while a fighting scene is running. Obviously, the fonder of swords cannot get the real one that’s why they go for a replica. Replica swords mean, not an original one but it is the reproduction of swords that were used historically by someone else.


Why Replica of Swords is Needed?

Among a variety of swords, everybody has a favorite one depending upon specifications such as looks, weight, and sharpness. A person can feel heroic, adventurous, romantic or gallant while holding a sword. Even if having no training or knowledge about its use, a person can own a sword and showing it off can develop an admirable motivation in it.


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