Final Fantasy Sword

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Background of Final Fantasy Sword


Final Fantasy Sword is the sword seen first in final fantasy game series. The final fantasy game revolves around a group of evil-fighting characters where the main opponent affects the game world and has to defeat the main character used. Cloud is the main character of the series since the advent of children (Final Fantasy VII). The warrior who prefers this sword has his weapon recorded, the cloud sword, a big and heavy sword is widely seen many times in the game played by Cloud.


The Final Fantasy Sword was famous for Final Fantasy VII, the main weapon of the game's hero, Cloud Strife. But Final Fantasy VII is not the first RPG to contain the Buster sword, which also appears in The Rise of the Sinistrals, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom. In the scenario of the game, Cloud takes Buster to his deceased friend, Zack, who was received by his mentor, Angel. Zack gave a cloud of zombies in a coma before being shot by the Shin-RK forces as he tried to protect the cloud. Because of this exchange, the cloud then places the weapon over Zack's grave in his honor.


Before the cloud, the sword was largely erased by Angeal Hewley and Zack Fair, originally forged by Angel's father, who died during the process, when he joined SOLDIER, his helper. However, Angle did not use the sword much and kept it safe in his father's memory. Angeal is also the mentor of Zack. In the end, after Angeal, a creature that is not human and totally lacks control becomes an Angeal Penance. Zack is forced to destroy that illusion.


Cloud Strife is a strong man with blond hair, a muscular fencer who uses the sword for most of the latest fantastic children's series and all their sequences. Although Cloud thinks he belongs to the SOLDIER's memories, he only learns from his friends that physical strength is not the only thing that makes the hero. The fight revolves around Cloud Strife, who is the main hero and defeats the evil villain Sephiroth, who uses his cells to create three warriors, Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo, who seek to renew Sephiroth.
Finally, after the rebirth of Sephiroth, the rising garrison battle between Cloud and Sephiroth fights until the last breath until Cloud uses his sword to destroy Sephiroth and kill the three warriors. Sometime after the glorious Christmas of the children, the sword places the sword on the shelf where Zach died as a sacrifice and in memory of him.


Description of Final Fantasy Sword


The final fantasy sword is classified as a huge and massive sword, which requires great physical strength to use. The sword has a single-edged blade with a lighter color at the edges, it is fixed and held in place. At the advent of glorious children, the candlestick was gilded and engraved inscriptions were near the handguard. The sword is seen on various occasions in the series of games belonging most often to the main character of the game, the cloud.


The cloud appears for the first time in Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, and since then, it has evolved little in all the chain games. After many requests, the huge sword that was first seen in the seventh installment of the famous series, Final Fantasy, was made available in our store. The large-scale series is often seen in the game series, primarily as a distinctive Cloud Strife image, but the original owner was Angeal Hewley. Angel's father formed the Bloods and was eventually transferred to Cloud. The attractive size and design, as well as its extensive use throughout the chain, is what attracts fans to Buster's sword.


That was just an introduction to Final Fantasy Sword and Gun-blades Revolver Sword. Not to mention that this is the best price you will find for a complete re-creation of the Buster Sword. The sword is well made and can be used in combat/training situations, and other replicas are not. Due to the sharp design, this sword can take blows and striking. The handle and the tray are well made and solid, the blade of the sword is of good quality and comes to me.


This sword is way too heavy. You would feel somewhere between 17 and 20 pounds. But once you start pointing out that the huge code of the word doubles the weight. Maybe even three times. That said, it's an excellent sword for training. Learning to use this sword and other swords will make you feel like a feather.


Features of Final Fantasy Sword


• Final fantasy sword has a total length of 43.5 inches

• The blade is composed of strips and has a total length of 32 inches and a width of 5 inches.

• The blade is made up of four different smaller blade parts and can be removed as in the film.

• The handle extends to 11.5 inches. It is made of thick metal and coated with black leather to allow easy grip on a heavy sword.

• The blade is very careful with a weight of up to 4.46 kg, be careful when handling it.

• Comes with a free wooden stand that you can use to show the most popular final fantasy blade


Specifications of Final Fantasy Sword


  • Overall length: 51.5 inches
  • Weight:  16 pounds / Shipping weight: 18 pounds
  • Blade length: 36.4 inches visible
  • Code width: 7 inches
  • The thickness of the blade: 5mm
  • The slot hole diameter of the blade: 2 inches
  • Steel blade: heat treatment sharpened 420 stainless steel
  • Screen Guard: 8.5 inches
  • High guard: 2 3/8 inches
  • The thickness of guard: 2.5 inch
  • Handle length: 12 1/2 inches
  • Display handle: 1.5 inch




Final Fantasy sword is one of the dynamic swords. Not only we have seen first in a fantasy game but in reality, too this sword is just matchless. Its massive size threatens others and this quality sword helps to demolish anything that comes in front of it. This sword will sell quickly until you buy.
That’s why you have to try this out.


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